Daughter of Michael Jackson will play jesus Christ in a new film


Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, daughter of the deceased king of pop, Michael Jackson, is still finding her way through the seventh art and with a starring role in the new movie from director Suki Kaiser. This is a film by Indie where the 22-year old man give you life to jesus Christ.

Has not been to the liking of many believers, who do not accept that a woman life to the son of God in the film “Habitat”, a modern version of the Messiah. The film still has no release date, but will also participate in the actress Bella Thorne.

The strong wave of criticism against the producers has not been made to wait, despite the fact that only known that the tape will not be based on the Bible, but that is a new version of jesus Christ Superstar, and the story takes place in the present time.

The plot of the film shows a young (Thorne) with a fetish towards Jesus, who is pretending to be a nun while trying to escape by a group of drug traffickers, violent.

Through social networks, Bella has leaked some images filmed in the streets of Los Angeles dressed in a garb of a nun.