DC: JJ Abrams will do the series Justice League Dark for the platform of HBO Comics


Filmmaker JJ Abrams announced their first three series for the video platform streaming HBO Max. The project more attractive is the Justice League Dark, which is part of the DC Universe.

The new production of DC it is possible thanks to the agreement that Abrams and his company Bad Robot Productions signed with WarnerMedia, owner of the platform HBO Max.

The series of DC Comics dedicated to Justice League Dark you do not have an official name. Initially, the project was designed to be a movie. Is voceó Joseph Kahn and Guillermo del Toro as director, but no results.

Another series attractive in the hands of Abrams it is Overlooka thriller of terror 10-episodes inspired by The Glow. The plot focuses on the haunted hotel of the movie and present characters of the original work of Stephen King.

Justice League Dark it was created by Batmanthe main character of DCand this is a new team of specialists in the dark arts that is led by John Constantine. The team must unravel the mystery of a plague of supernatural and face the powerful villains behind the siege.

DC | can New signing?

Iron Man already made it clear that it is part of the past of the UCM. Fans Marvel suffered with the death of the character of Robert Downey Jr. in the highest grossing movie of the UCM, Avengers: Endgame. However, the actor would be far from disappear in the world of superheroes with another paper in DC Comicsreported by We Got This Covered.

The news portal reported that the star behind Tony Stark in Marvel he would join DC to start a new stage in his career. The rumor points to that will give life to Green Lantern.

In addition to a new film dedicated to this character, Robert Downey Jr. would be part of the cast of a new series for HBO Max.

The community Marvel pending an explanation, due to which many have taken as a betrayal of the UCM. However, it should be noted that the information propalada by We Got This Covered is not official or has been confirmed by Robert Downey Jr.