Djokovic offers a trip to the US Open to play tennis against him


The tennis player Novak Djokovic offered a trip to the United States and the opportunity to share the court with him, in exchange for a donation to support people in the United States and the world who suffer from hunger.

Through social networking, the Serbian posted a video in which it requests the collaboration of internet users in exchange for the opportunity to win a trip to the US Open to witness one of their parties, as well as other unique benefits.

“Unfortunately, many families in the United States are struggling and are in desperate need for our help and support.”

“I would like to offer the that will accompany me to New York for the US Openin attending one of my parties, you will see the players next to my tennis team, thereafter we go to the lounge of the players and we will talk tennis with my team.”

“The flight runs on my own and stay for three days. The next day we will go to the tennis court to hit balls and have a nice time. Also, I will sign a couple of rackets and apparel for playing the games.”

Finally, he invited Serena Williams, Lebron James and Gerard Butler to join the initiative.