Egg: its benefits on the hair

The egg is a food rich in nutrients if it is not consumed in excess, can bring great benefits to our body. It is widely recommended by nutritionists at the time of making a diet, by chef and food critics at the time to create some delicious recipe and even pyou can get to have uses in the skin that go beyond food.

The egg can also have a cosmetic use because the nutrients and benefits it has. An example (or hundreds) that speak of its effectiveness has to do with internet searches, in which masks homemade have on constant occasions, the egg as a main star.

The benefits of the egg in the hair

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According to the phd in Biomedical and Nutrition specialist, Martha Martinez, who is also professor of Nutrition at the University Iberoamericana of Puebla, without a doubt has many vitamins and minerals, but luteincharge to stimulate the production of collagen, the more your vitamin B12,, are the elements that sit perfectly well to the hair directly or indirectly. Indirect is eating it, and direct it by applying it on the hair.

‘To the previous two added together folic acid and vitamin Ethat help strengthen the hair strands, and promote the brightness of the skin, ” adds the doctor. It is not surprising that even the stylists recommended as a mask for treating the hair.

The benefits of the mask of egg

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How do I use a mask of egg in your hair?

If you want a mane that looks healthy and has the roots strengthened, then what you should do to apply it directly to your hair and try to add it to your diet (just try not to exceed 5 eggs a week on your consumption).

For the homemade mask you’re going to use for the hair, all you have to do is use a couple of fresh eggs (if your hair is very long, then 3). Mix in a bowl the eggs, stir until you create a mixture homogeneous and applying on your hair. If you want to, you can use a brush to distribute it better in your mane. Massage your scalp for a couple of minutes and subsequently amárralo in a chingnon and ‘save’ your mane in a shower cap. Leave it for 20 minutes and subsequently rinsed.

The egg has many nutrients for the skin and for the hair

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A curious fact that there are about the egg and its uses capillaries, this is an ingredient that is used since ancient cultures, and that has proven its effectiveness through generations and generations of women who have taken the egg as one of the household ingredients ideal for rescue and strengthen their manes. Something that is valid even in our days. The best example of them is Priyanka Chopra, who confessed in a video done with Vogue US, which the secret to having a mane radiant is the eggand if we see his mane, we believe him.

Let this ingredient is a benefit not only to your daily diet, but to restore your mane.

The benefits of the egg in the hair

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