Fans of Ariana Grande ask him to Disney that the contract as Megara in the remake of Hercules


Ariana Grande as Megara Disney
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We know that Disney is currently working on the live action of The Little Mermaid and although they have not yet announced that there will be a version in real life Hércules, fans of the classic and Ariana Grande want hire as Megara.

This is not the first time that the followers of the singer are planning to the idea, however, after last week Ariana interpret it in the Disney Family Sinalong the classic “Do not say that is love” of Hercules the request of his cast as the protagonist is doubled.

His performance of the classic generated a host of comments on Twitter, from images that compared to Megara with Ariana up to publications that are read “Ariana was born to give life to Meg”, so Disney might not have more evidence of that the interpreter Thank U, Next, it is the most suitable for the role.

His fans also started a petition in which they argue that the talent of Ariana would be a huge success box office, as well as a “public ” completely satisfied”.

“Many Disney fans around the world have expressed passionately for years that we would love to see Ariana Grande playing a princess or a female role important in a Disney movie”wrote the organizer of the request.

“Hercules is one of the films of Disney’s most understated, so there’s not as much enthusiasm for a remake of action in vivo. “Having a big name like Ariana Grande performing one of the main roles would lead to a full house“.

What’s more not attracted the attention? One of the signatures of the petition is Susan Egan, who was the voice of Megara in the original version of 1997.

So now we just wait for Disney to take action on the matter, not to ignore the request of the fans and make a version of Hercules in real life without Ariana Grande as the protagonist, we’re almost certain that it would be a great failure.