Five unplugged for you to unplug for a while from coronavirus

From the march 20, spent the majority of the population is in social isolation, preventive and obligatory for the disposal of the Government with the aim of controlling the progress of the COVID-19, and to achieve the so desired “flattening ” of the curve”. We locked up, so we recommend these 5 videos to clear and do not drive you crazy.

If you had cable back in the year 1999 insurance wears even if it is by zapping the unplugged from the Colombian. This concert was so successful that it became the first acoustic international broadcast in Spanish for the EE.STATES and Europe. With a Shakira different to as we know it today, but with the talent intact.

Concert recorded in Miami, in the year 2001. The chilean band showed their great sound quality and the impeccable voice of Beto Cuevas. The unplugged of The Law, ranked number 4 by your selection of issues and primarily due to the arrangements in them. So, the version of “The Duel”, Hit that knew how to put in posts number 1 to the chilean brothers step to be more known for his version of “unplugged” that by its original version rock.

Not only because it drew its original members who were estranged for several years, but by the strength you show as a band. This acoustic was so successful that they decided to take it on tour and it was one of the tours most rewarding of the decade. These legendary guys still today, they are still rocking out. But here I leave it for you to see them without makeup … and unplugged. As between the home, dress?

Straight to the heart, this band of Seattle just had a studio album “Ten” when called to the MTV Unplugged and his success was on the rise. With an Eddie Vedder pelilargo and childish but with the strength of a voice that screams rebellion and youth. Because it is still a band that crosses generations and for its unforgettable, heart-wrenching and always moving version of “Black”, Pearl Jam takes the position number 2 of the list

Without any discussion Nirvana takes the position number 1 of the Unplugged par excellence. I don’t know if by mysticism, by what happened after, or because it was the concert that showed us that they were something more than a band, noisy. Or because still today some want to see in the eyes of Kurt some justification, Because this concert is the great “yes “of the band despite the fact that it was one of his last live performances and we are still putting the willies. For all that and much more I went up the volume, stay at home and dale play. (And, yes, sos, but boy, the back yes. Is Dave Grholl)

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