For the first time, Kanye West will vote for Donald Trump


Kanye West admitted that for the first time shall issue a vote in the presidential election of 2020, nothing more and nothing less than the president, Donald Trump.

It should be noted that, Kanye West confessed his admiration the entrepreneur and the president of the united States, Donald Trumpthe comment that for the first time give your vote to the representative number 45, the republican.

So he admitted the rapper and husband of the socialite, Kim Kardashian, for a new interview with GQ magazine where he said “Don’t tell me who I will vote for my color. I am definitely going to vote this time. And we know who I’m going to vote” regardless of the criticism.

Kanye West meets with Donald Trump in New York city | CNN

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In case outside little, with any kind of accusation reiterated that his parents were great libertarian and not what was raised to the whites to tell you what a white person could vote. In addition, this revealed: “I was told that my career would end if it was not with Hillary Clinton. What kind of campaign is this, anyway? It is as if the Obama campaign is out I’m black”.

In the meantime, he said that every celebrity should have their own opinion “I remember how I felt as a black man before being famous, when he went to a restaurant and people looked at you as if you were going to steal something. This is your place, you’re black, so you’re a democrat”.

Finally, with this confession, it is known that it is the artist’s affection for the republicans.

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