Gabriel Soto ignores Laura Bozzo


Gabriel Soto is a man feels full and in love with, so I don’t care about the criticism, such as that recently Laura Bozzo said in an interview that it is “an unfortunate and rat of the year”, in addition to having launched it against his partner Irina Baeva. “You have to take things from whom they come, is a sadness that there is a woman that is expressed with such vulgarity, especially in a topic that does not concern you, or you are interested in, or will affect, or much less and that it is expressed that way about all of a woman also, and as we say, ‘Peter says, that John of Peter’”.

No reunion on the stage of RBD

The question is so ordinary, that the exRBD already know what the answer is. After the photos that went up recently together, all believe there will be a reunion musical. “But that’s not going to happen, it was simply a gathering of friends,” says Maite Perroni every question about it. And as well all.

Did Luis Fonsi and John Mayer together?

This could happen and is that during the program that airs on weekends for Instagram, Mayer noted that among his audience was the interpreter of “Slow” and decided to say hi. It turns out that Fonsi will wrote that he was her admirer and immediately Mayer answered: “I am also your big fan, see a day in the program when again we can sit down together,” she said, referring to the quarantine that is currently live. Current mood is the name of the show Mayer where he has had guests of the likes of Shawn Mendes. Do you accept Fonsi the invitation?