Greta Thunberg calls to virtual demonstration for sustainable management of the pandemic


Greta Thunberg, autoaislada for suspecting that you have Coronavirus from the 28th of march, wants to take advantage of, in commemoration of the day of the Earth day (April 22), to convoke the global partnership against climate change to a virtual demonstration on the 24th of march at 22:00, encouraging people to come out to the balcony and ask for a way out of the crisis health was “fair and sustainable”, encouraging the society to learn and to reflect on this situation, which, according to the activist, has revealed that “absolute security is guaranteed by the technology it was absolutely false”.

Marta Bordons, a member of FFF Seville (Future Fridays for Future), says that “there are feasible steps today to respond to the climate crisis, and that we should not trust, or put it in the hands of a technology non-existent, the present and the future of so many people and species.” Techno-optimism, called the seville, this attitude of confidence in the technology, which only benefits the privileged class of the capital and the profit.

Thunberg urges to overcome the crisis saninaria of a form of ‘fair and sustainable’

The teen Swedish has taken advantage of the opportunity, to see the quick reaction of economic, social, and policy of great scope on the part of the affected countries, to point out that this has been revealed, that those measures also are possible to fight against the climate change.

According to the writing that propels the Strike Global Climate“the model of production and consumption has been shown to be useless, unsatisfactory and unequal to the western society and, above all, for the poorest countries, who are in a position of vulnerability”.

The manifesto, endorsed by the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control), ensures that “if we do not act now, the situation could be irreversible, so that the organization has said that the unemployment economic can be a great opportunity to rethink the issue of climate change and reboot the system”.

Bordons follows the same line, saying that degrowth can be good because, thanks to the pandemic, we can see that “less is more”, that we can renounce to produce and consume as we have been doing without problems for society.

The rethinking of the type of system in which you live the world

An example of the changes that have occurred in the wake of the pandemic, would be the measure of the French government in the mobility sector, which has encouraged the use of the bicycle as a primary vehicle (more eco-friendly), instead of public transportation.

The minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Riverahas seen with positive eyes this measure, because it gives a framework for a different mobility and sustainable. In Wuhan, Milan and New Yorkthe use of bikes shared increased by 150%, but in Madrid, Zaragoza or Barcelona you can only use the bike private.

However, the strike did not want to interfere, not to steal resources the health emergency that plagues the world, says the manifesto. That’s why we use the social networks, ignoring the mantra ecologist, which says that “the activists are only the speakers of the scientific community”.

Although each crisis must be treated as such, declares Gretathere are many leaders of countries that desoyen “scientific evidence” of the experts on the climate crisis and, not only get solutions, but they did not even treat it as such to “the apparent climate crisis”. Says Bordons, “all crisis are the same crisis and that climate justice is social justice”.

Despite all of this, the Climate Summit that was going to be held this autumn will be postponed to 2021 by the pandemic. This has been received with a division of opinion between the experts and environmental groups.

Laurence Tubiana, director-general of the European Climate foundation, believes that the decision is correct, but, to the couple, believes that Governments should take advantage of this time to “designing recovery plans, and transition-resistant, which influence the climate, biodiversity, development and social justice in an integrated way”. And no scientist “dissident” will be able to prevent it.