Hairstyles with hair length to make one from home in quarantine


Hairstyles with long hair are the most common use in these times, where the cut hair is not a practice that is around the corner. Therefore, we must resort to the ways of hairstyles that we learned when we were kids, seeing or not the advertising. From the classic hairstyle long with three twists, to how to be creative with a fringe, whether straight, waved or with a lot of volume. Yes, the styling with long hair are painted in shades but it shares all the same rules to entertain himself and enjoy his length. Some of these hairstyles are already here:

Long with braids:

Start at the braid easier to take a longer time to refine

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Before you start a hairstyle that wear braids you have to be aware that they will improve the more you practice on your hair. Have patience and start with the hairstyles with braids basic even the most cumbersome. Likewise, prepare the hair with a moisturizing oil that will also detangle and apply means to ends.

One of the hairstyles more simple with braids is the popular ‘braid of three’, in which you take all of the hair is divided into three parts and then pass the strand on the right and pass it under the strand to the centre and same with the next. Repeat this pattern with all your hair and, to make it look thicker, open the braid and pull each part up.

The next level of hairstyles with braids for long hair is to braid two or also known as the ‘braid spike’. To do this, divide the hair into two up and takes a fistful of small one of the two large separaste at the start, and passing out. Do the same with the section B, and pass it over. Repeat the pattern until completion. In both cases, that adorns your tresses with rubber bands or ribbons the color of your favorite piece to give a different turn to the beauty look.

With fringe:

Take it with a tail high or with the hair half a tail

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For a easy hairstyle and quick to make, let loose the hair and brings forward two locks shorts that are glued to your pin to then tie the rest in a tail high or low. The fringe, especially if it is straight, it will highlight even more with these two strands thin and that brought them to the front. A second hairstyle to do now at home if you are a woman who likes to bangs is to make a sort of headband with a braid thin from two strands of your pin, obtained from both sides. Then do a tail low or loose the rest of the hair to make it look more the headband you created.

A third alternative for a hairstyle with bangs is to work directly with him, either by making it more straight and laceo or giving it the proper curvature according to the type of your face. Followed of which hairstyle to take on the rest of your hair: a tail high, medium tail, a braid or thrown to one side.

With tail high:

The tail of hair was inspired in the 90’s

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The best of hair with a tail high or horse is that it does not judge the length of your hair. There are several ways of carrying it, being the most basic, the only tie it with a rubber band after comb it forward and give an effect of a wet area at the top. This style of tail high you can differentiate it if instead of a league using a tuft of thin your own hair around. Yes, as they wore the Spice Girls in the decade of the 90s and, since then, many other celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez have been recovered in their more recent pictures on their social networks, and when they walk on a red carpet.

In the same way, the ponytail can be secured with plaits or do a triple with the hair that is left. There is also the hairstyle that stands out for the queue of hair as high as possible, and more attached to the forehead to give a volume effect to the hair that is loose. Ánchalo with the fingers.