His son, Tristan sneaks in an interview


If there is something that has increased during the days of confinement are video calls. The rise of teleworking has meant that conversations via audio and video have gained ground, and there are many familiar faces that are responding to interviews by this formula. A method that you can play some trick and that there is some instant of ‘earth, swallow me’. The last in live a moment of trouble in this regard has been Chris Hemsworth.The husband of Elsa Pataky was in one of the rooms of his house talking in an interview about ‘Tyler Rake’, his new film, when all of a sudden has appeared someone unexpected.

The actor has begun to listen to background noise while speaking with the interviewer. “They are my sons,” he said between nervous laughs to justify where I was coming from the commotion. What was not expected, Chris, was that his son Tristan, aged six years, appeared on the screen. The small looked out of the camera that was recording his father and became the protagonist of the interview. This provoked the laughter of the people with whom he was talking about the actor, who took the time with a lot of humor, and made a reflection of what is most fun. “I am very much enjoying this interview because I realize that someone like Chris, that has nothing resists it, that is a Hollywood star and has an amazing life neither can control their children”.

Chris Hemsworth

At the moment the small left of the screen and the actor was able to continue his interview with total normality. The marriage formed by Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are passing the confinement in the amazing home that they have in Australia. You are lucky enough to have outdoor spaces in which you do not stop doing sports and activities with their children. Develop recipes in the kitchen or watching movies are other activities that the family is doing to lead these days the best possible.