Home quarantine: The best movies to see today on the television (April 20)


Today is April 20, 30 years after the famous song of the Celtas Cortos and, unfortunately, maintaining the prohibitions to stop the spread of the pandemic coronavirusthat have to do with stay at home the longer the better and just leave it for actions essential. We have spent already many, but there are more hours to fill with books, series, telework, and also movies. In the absence of film in the rooms, each day will advise you some of the best films that, each day, broadcast on television. That enjoy them.

Brooklyn (Telecinco, 22:00 hours)

In the 50 years, the irish girl Eilis Lacey decides to leave Ireland and travel to the united States, specifically to New York, where he meets Tony, a boy Italian with which he begins to leave and falls in love. The last blockbuster movie irish he was nominated to the Oscar 2015 as best film and best original screenplay.

Open until the dawn (Paramount, 22:08 hours)

After you dazzle us with Reservoir Dogs and, especially, with Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino she continued with her prodigious career with this fable surreal, a family that crosses the border from Mexico and come to the club most amazing thing in the world. George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, a very young Juliette Lewis, the sensual dance of Salma Hayekand until the Tarantino, are the main protagonists.

Tootsie (TCM,22:000 hours)

One of the best films nice and box-office hits of the early 80s was this Tootsie, which tells the story of Michael Dorsey, an actor, a new yorker, a both failed that, in addition, has the reputation of being a person is difficult. Tired of not getting a job, Michael decides to dress up as a woman. And Dustin Hoffman away the paper.

Widows (Movistar Premieres, 21:00 hours)

Steve McQueen adapted for the cinema Widows, mini-series british of 1983, here set in Chicago currently, about four women with nothing in common except a debt inherited by the criminal activities of their deceased husbands.

On the day of your wedding (Comedy Central, 16:09 hours)

Leo, a dishwasher, falls in love with a bride on the day of your wedding; a wedding conducted, of course, with another man. One of the best demonstrations that the indie comedy american you can continue leaving tape entertaining.