I captured! Galilea Montijo caused an uproar with a show from his home ¡Imperdible!


Galilea Montijo it is one of the women most famous of the small screen, that your work has managed to make a deep impression in the hearts of millions of viewers.

The actress captivates with its great charisma and is positioned between the more established social networks, thanks to their style as ‘chic’ which boasts changing rooms and accessories that set trends.

Currently the mexican with 7.8 million followers, but the list continues to grow thanks to which it has ventured into the platform “boom” of the moment.

To give that talk the artist it became a complete ‘millennial’ and upload videos to Tik Tok, where he teaches to combine the best outfits to look completely splendid.

Montijo, became without doubt one of the figures is favorite for the visitors who don’t stop their steps, with his creativity has surpassed skillfully all the challenges of fashion.

The host of the program “Today”, it also takes advantage of the virtual space for spreading social awareness, and invites his fans to let Stay at home!, by means of a video where you use the filter with the bow, and the voice of a girl.

Other enjoyable moments the star she shared were with his family, faithful accomplices of their occurrences, each time they manage to catch more followers. All of a tiktoker!