I photo bomb! So is Shakira in a bikini without the Photoshop: “Horror!”


Shakira efe

April 20, 2020
(14:18 CET)

Summer is coming and if it were a normal year, many influencers I would be wearing the first outfits to go to the beach. Sara Carbonero, Paula Echevarría or Cristina Pedroche already we have shown some designs for this season. Even Shakira, which last June taught us a bikini designed by her.

Sara Carbonero bikini simple

But this is not a normal year. And everything points to the pools and beaches will be pretty empty this summer. The coronavirus has changed everything.

The coronavirus load in the summer

In this sense, Spain it is one of the most affected countries. Both in the number of cases as deaths. On the one hand, the Spanish state is the second with more cases detected, with 200.210 patients confirmed at the time of writing these lines. Only United Stateswith more than 764.265, is above. Below is Italy, who goes by the 178.972 cases.

On the other, Spain it is the third country in number of deaths by the pandemic. The figure stands in the 20.852 deceased, just below the 23.660 Italy and the 40.565 of USA.

However, the absence of which the networks will be flooded of bikinis and swimwear, fans of the celebrities have recovered some photos from the past. For example, which we share below.

Shakira in a bikini without Photoshop

It appears Shakira back during one of their beach days, in which, wearing a bikini rose that is seen through the transparency of the sarong. A snapshot in which there are no layers of Photoshop or retouching tools and digital, which has divided the opinions of their followers.

Some suggest that it is “divine” and “perfect”, while others argue that it is a “horror”, because they consider that not shown his best form by far. Don’t miss the photo.

Shakira back bikini