I will never have that kick


With Russian roots and to grow in the united States, it is not surprising that the new champion of Grand Slam, Sofia Kenin, has been inspired by the tennis legends Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. During the Open of Cincinnati 2019, you will be asked to Kenin about their idols child.

The woman who plays tennis warrior Kenin said: “Serena and Maria, sure,” Williams has one of the best services on the WTA Tour, also the players in the field of male find it difficult to read his service.

And Kenin, a Florida resident, admires the deadly weapon that has Serena. “Serena has an amazing service. You can’t compare. I’ll never have that service, but I would love to have a motion like that of her.

We’ll see, ” she said. Kenin also shared that her victory over Williams in the third round of Roland Garros 2019 was one of the victories venerated of his career. “Maria Sharapova is fierce” – Sofia Kenin The tennis player born in Moscow credited his Russian roots for their competitive tennis, and brave in the great courts.

As inspired of the five-time champion of Grand Slam, Maria Sharapova. “She is fierce. She is very competitive. Never surrenders. It is like an instinct Russian to me. I was born in Russia I have Always admired, ” he added.

At the tender age of 17, Sharapova defeated Williams in the final of Wimbledon and became a champion teen. “I think it’s great that she won Wimbledon at 17. I was looking at, lying down on the couch.

I’m like, my God, is Maria Sharapova, she has just won Wimbledon. How great would it be if I do that? Of course, I’m not going to win it at 17, because I already have 20 ”, added the champion of the Australian Open in 2020, Kenin.

Face Sharapova in the third round of the US Open 2017 was a critical point in the career of Kenin. Sharapova defeated a player of 21 years old in straight sets in a row in Flushing Meadows, New York, USA. UU.