“I’m afraid…”: Cardi B ensures that the they want to censor after the reviews to Trump


Over the years, Cardi B discovered that she is one of the celebrities ms scandalous in the world of the shows, but at the same time is very beloved by her fans.

From the beginning of her career, the American singer always had participation very active in social networks, where gives you all sorts of opinions on the present.

But recently, Cardi B confesses that feels very worried about her future and that of your family because Tuesday, April 14 had an interview with Bernie Sanders and present reviews very hard to the government of Donald Trump.

Through its official account of Instagram, the pair of Offset assured him that after the conversation that she had with Sanders, it began to happen very extras.

In one of her last appearances, the singer reveals: Since I do these videos live, For how long has been this happening?… jams. Now all of a sudden my transmission is without sound, not it’s me I’m scaring.

I est giving a little afraid because my husband does not like it when I talk about policy, l really (hates) because that puts him paranoid, because lately my Instagram is putting a fuzzy and without sound, as out of nothing, confess the famous singer.

For that reason, the artist left a warning to her followers: God forbid if anything happens to me an m or someone from my family is going to find out who it was and why all of this is very rare, very extra.