Ironman teaches you the advantages of OnePlus 8 Pro | Technology


Everyone knows that in Asia sells a lot that the stars of Hollywood to promote the terminal. Huawei I had the very same Wonder Woman’s salary and OnePlus does not hesitate to share the money with the very IronMan.

The recent launch of OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, which are designed to become undisputed kings of the territory Android at least for the next six months, well deserved advertising spot to the height.

To do this, Robert Downey Jr. has taken their part and enjoys the nice thing about using a OnePlus 8 Pro.

Shows us the wireless charging of 30 W phone, the agendathe fast file transfer thanks to the 5G, the fluidity of the screen 120Hzthe payment with NFCthe video in HDR and SlowMotion and, as the culmination, the resistance dip thanks to the certificate, IP68.

Part of this showcase, it was taken for granted, such as paying with NFC, or the agenda; other characteristics such as the resistance (certified) to the water, or the screen of 120Hz are important developments for a phone that already has left behind the name of ‘Flagship Killer’ to become a ‘Flagship’ dry crossing to the barrier of the three figures.

All in all, and despite the dot’s ridiculous that you have the spot; any feature will be better when you explain through the use dummy which makes Robert Downey Jr. a phone that (why not?) could carry in your pocket.