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Luka Doncic, player of Dallas Mavericks, is dribble to DeMar DeRozan, of the San Antonio Spurs.
Luka Doncic, player of Dallas Mavericks, is dribble to DeMar DeRozan, of the San Antonio Spurs.Daniel Dunn / Reuters

When Mark Cuban was nominated to participate in the All-In Challenge, a raffle in solidarity of experiences with famous in the united States to raise funds against the covid-19, did not need much time to decide what I was going to offer. “Who has not fantasized ever feel NBA player for a day?”, he must have thought the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who then proceeded to convert the dream into reality during a preseason game.

“The first thing that will happen is the winner will sign an official contract with the Mavs, choose a number and receive our kit with his name on the back”, explained the owner of the franchise. “After that, he will meet with the team, you will participate in the wheel of warming up and will sit on the bench at the start of the game.”

Not satisfied with that, Cuban said that the new signing will not be limited to warming the chair and will jump to the pitch to replace a player on the template to launch a free kick. “You can listen to all the stands of the American Airlines Center, chanting ¡¡MVP, MVP!! when you go to launch. And, of course, your name will remain in the statistics as a member of our team”, added, excited the media owner.

To be able to share a dressing room with Luka Doncic, the star of the Mavericks, is just one of the many experiences that has brought the initiative launched by Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. “When the world is facing a crisis as the present, we must take a step forward and make a difference,” reflected the employer before explaining that the money raised will go to organizations that distribute food in areas affected by the pandemic in the united States.

The own Rubin was in charge of giving the green light to the initiative on the 14th of April, and nominated Magic Johnson, and Joel Embiid, among others, and offering the first experience: the draw of two tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and to all and every one of the great sporting events of the united States, from the first game of the NBA finals to the Superbowl, going through the finals of the US Open, among many more shows.

Since then started a wheel of nominations among the great figures of american sports that still continues. Design with the coaches of the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL, a play and be part of his coaching staff during a training, make the kick-off of honour at the World Series of the north american league baseball, being selected in the draft of the NBA of 2021 or play the game of the famous All Star are some of them, which you can opt to change only 10 dollars. The maximum expenditure allowed per person and per activity is $ 1,000 and the participation is restricted to residents of the united States and Canada.

Although the idea came from the hand of the sport, has ended up transcending and reaching out to celebrities from all fields. Currently, you can participate in the raffle of dozens of experiences like shooting a scene with Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert de Niro in the upcoming film of Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon, or go to party with rapper Drake on his private plane after going to one of their concerts.

In addition to the sweepstakes, the initiative also counts with a slope less affordable. An auction through which you can choose, for example, to play a game of 3×3 with Shaquille O’neal or make a wine tasting alongside Dwyane Wade in his winery in Napa Valley. Both exceed the $ 20,000 bid, but they are far away even from the most valued: dinner with the star of the NFL Tom Brady the day of his debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and receive your first shirt different after 20 years of playing with New England. A treasure very precious and, judging by the 300,000 dollars that have already been bid on.

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