It is not possible! Will Smith forced to face his worst nightmare


In the life of Will Smith everything is improvisation, the producers is what enters them to act in their films but the problems will also pursue with the same voracity. Will has acknowledged that he has been afraid since he has not been forced to face his worst nightmare.

The actor acknowledges that it is a man homey that enjoys the company of his own, although his son Jade and your daughter Willow since they do their lives. While Jade ends up deciding what you want to pursue, Willow focuses on their facets model, actress or pop singer.

In a recent interview in the program ‘Red Table Talk’ presented by her own mother, the model recognized that for a time he was addicted to marijuana and this addiction affected her life and only brought him problems.

The worst nightmare of Will Smith became a reality, and in addition is confirmed in full live, the actor says that you have to panic that their children can fall into the world of addictions.

With only 19 years Willow admits having abused marijuana and that at the time of the interview had three months without consuming it because he realized that doing it or not, your problems were going to continue with it.

His mother, Jada Pinkett Smithhe said in the same direct have been a witness to the evil that is putting his daughter each time he used the drug and that the effects on the behavior of his daughter were terrifying.

Will knows what it is to live with a person with addictions, hence the fear. Your mother-in-law Adrienne Banfield-Jones recognized in the same ‘show’ having been addicted to heroin when he was young, addiction that took him 20 years to overcome it.

And even though Willow says that being confined at home can prompt you to consume, she has clear thinking to meet many more months without that marijuana is present in your life.