It’s crazy! Karol G fears for the mental state of a loved one can Be for quarantine?


After premiering her music video “Follow”, Karol G and Anuel pass the quarantine more loving than ever, and make it known to the public by social networks.

Recently, the diva it was part of a controversial because it your companion during the isolation he is losing his reason, and was concerned about it.

Through the use of stories of Instagram, the singer urban showed me some pictures where it leaves your loved one going through a nervous breakdown, perhaps due to the fact of being locked up.

To the relief of the fans, who believed that it was Anuel, in reality who is a little naughty is the mascot of the colombian, a French bulldog.

It turns out that the dog was recorded while looking at a mirror, which integrates a table room coffee of the artistand then to see him staring at the canine began to fight with the glass.

The hound gives him legs in the mirror, and barking, which was a source of laughter and tender messages of users for the starasking that you do not lose sanity.

For its part, the creator of “Tusa” has very consented to the animal, with the one who always takes pictures. So in your home you must take care of his two loves. What a fabulous!