James Gunn confirms that it does not intend to make Guardians of the galaxy vol 4


The director James Gunn continues to have sessions of questions and answers in their social networks, and so frequent. In the last, made on Instagram, it addressed the future of Guardians of the galaxy beyond the third part.

A follower wondered if there is any plan for Guardians of the galaxy vol 4 and the response of Gunn is not. From the first thought in working on a trilogy if the first film worked, and has nothing in mind to go beyond.

Right now the director is working on The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, a project that he still has a lot of time to see the light in the cinema, but that are moving favorably, with a possible first advance showing this same 2020.

It does not appear that Gunn save any kind of a grudge against Disney after he fired for a few tweets offensive writings for quite years. Subsequently rectified, and returned to hire you to go ahead with the production of Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 3, a film for which I had already written a full script at the time of his dismissal.

At the time of readmission, the director had already signed with Warner Bros. to work in a sort of reboot of Suicide Squad in cinemas that do not have any relationship with the movie of David Yesterday, although it appears that yes you will be linked in some way to Birds of prey, the film that keeps Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn.

In this same session of questions and answers, the director was the possible death of some of the key characters of this saga and recently desvelaba that the last Rocket will have a weight quite important in the sequel that will close the trilogy.