Jehnny Beth of Savages presents a new song solo: “Innocence”

Jehnny Beth, the leader of Savagesannounced last February the launch of his first solo album To Love Is to Live to the 8 of may. However, for the healthcare crisis that we live at a global level, the artist born in France has announced that it postpones the output of your disk to the 12 of June. To calm the anxieties of his followers, Beth shared a new breakthrough: “Innocence“is already available on streaming platforms.

The reason for delaying the launch of To Love Is To Live is related to his attempt to support the record stores independent, making sure that the physical copies arrive at the local at the same time that the digital format you go up to the platforms. In a press release, Beth account:

“The record stores was where I spent time as a teenager, seeing discs that eventually gave shape to who I am. Get my first solo album in a way that excludes them seems to me wrong; luckily we were able to find a date that allows us to get the album in physical and digital formats at the same time.”

To Love Is to Live account with Atticus Ross, Flood and Johnny Hostile as collaborators in the production. Other guests listed in the credits are Romy Madley Croft of The xx, the actor Cillian Murphy and Joe Talbot of IDLES. In addition to “Innocence”, the album is anticipated with the singles “Flower” and “I’m the Man”.

Check out the video for “Innocence”, recorded in the trial of one of the shows from Beth, below:

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