Jennifer Lopez teaches you there back! newly built the bed: “don’t use your pajamas!”


April 19, 2020
(18:16 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it has already passed the 50 years and the truth is that is phenomenal. The singer of New York is living a second youth in the last year and a half and you will note.

With the wedding with Alex Rodriguez postponed by the fault of the coronavirus, that does not appear to have taken a toll on an artist, it feels great and it shows in their latest photos.

One of her newly lifted with a body that will mark a figure sculpted with its body in an image that has been very commented in the networks. Some warned that not wear pajamas to sleep in reference to the body I was wearing.

Stop in dry

Jennifer Lopez he had begun the year 2020 to stop after his nomination at the Golden Globes and their participation in the halftime of the Super bowl along with the colombian singer Shakira.

However, the singer of new york will halt the coronavirus just when the wedding was near and began to prepare new projects

The godmother of Cocaine

One of those projects that was about to begin Jennifer Lopez it was the one that was going to lead back to the big screen to represent Griselda Blanco, the godmother of Cocaine.

A character that will limit the interpretive skills of an artist to whom ever likes more that to be an actress.