Jesse Eisenberg, reveals why it did not support the launch of the Snyder Cut


Jesse Eisenbergwho gave life to Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman (2016) and also appeared on the scene poscreditos of Justice League (2017), gave an interview to Toronto Sun where he gave the reasons for which it maintains a neutral stance on the launch of the iconic Snyder Cut.

Jesse Eisenberg Snyder Cut

The native of New York, the united States was questioned about her position regarding the alternate version of Justice League by Zack Snyder, considering that several of his fellow actors (Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, etc) yes have spoken in favour of his release. However, he was very honest to admit that you can’t comment on projects that he has not seen. Noted that does not usually see films in which it participates, and included Batman v Superman, as well as his small appearance in the Justice league.

I’m not surebecause I don’t see anything where I am involved and I have not seen Batman v Superman or Justice League. I know that I have a small stake in one of them, but the reality is that I feel very uncomfortable looking at myself,” he said.

The actor of 36 years was also direct to admit that they do not feel part of any movement related to the Snyder Cut. However, filled with praise the work of Zack Snyder.

So I’m not current on the Snyder Cut. I am not part of that. I don’t even know how to call that movement. I like Zack Snyder and I worked with him for a time, in virtue of which these films take so long time in film. I love your style and your aesthetic, and if there is a movie that he wants brand new, I’m sure it will be great,” he concluded.

Despite your apparent ignorance on the Snyder Cut and everything that surrounds the controversial DCEU, a few weeks ago, Eisenberg was greatly interested in reinterpreting the archenemy of Superman, because it was considered an experience “fun”. However, he said to Toronto Sun who does not know himself will return, it’s unknown what the studio is doing with the characters and the upcoming movies.

“I would love to. Is the role more fun to make. I don’t know what they are doing with the movies, but for me it was exciting. I would love to play the role forever. I have No knowledge of what they are doing with it,” he said.

Lex Luthor Snyder Cut

Often, Zack Snyder used their social networks to share unpublished material about his version of the Justice league. However, to date the target is uncertain for the controversial director’s cut version.