John Krasinski meets with Marvel Studios


MADRID.- The fans take months asking for that John Krasinski( A quiet place) is a the Universe Marvel. And their wishes may soon become a reality, because the actor has already met with the directors of UCM in relation to various projects. And this could be an indication that The Fantastic 4 are each time more close.

According to Geeks WorldWide, responsible for Marvel have been meeting in a virtual way with different actors, directors, and writers since the onset of the pandemic coronavirus. One of these performers has been John Krasinski and, although the medium does not specify if it is a series or a movie, or perhaps from her role as a director, yes ensures that the meeting has covered a “multitude of projects”.

The fandom has long been expressing their desires that John Krasinski interpret the new Reed Richards when The Fantastic 4 will make its debut in the UCM. The family superheróica already belongs to Marvel Studios after the purchase of Fox by Disney and will be one of the great additions in the future, along with the X-Men.

In fact, the actor has expressed his wishes to join the Universe Marvel at some point, citing its inclination towards the character of Reed Richards. Even thanked the fans more enthusiastic the great fan arts you already envision it as Mr. Fantastic next to other stars like Zac Efron, Emily Blunt or John Cena.

“I think that being part of the Universe Marvel it would be amazing anyway, and the fact that people even consider me with the level to make it is fantastic,” said the actor in an interview in march, adding that by the time “had not had talks with Marvel, but was waiting for the announcements of Kevin Present” as much as any fan.

For the time being or Marvel or the own John Krasinski have confirmed this meeting, and of course in the case that the actor is joining the UCM could play any other character who wasn’t a Mr. Fantastic, whether it was movie or series to Disney+. But the study has the this time the opportunity to listen to their fans and give the actor of The Office the role their government believes that it deserves.