Justin Bieber has much love for his fans and proves it


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Justin Bieber has much love for his fans. The pop star canadian heard about the concert viral #BieberVirtualConcert transmitted in the audio app social live MixIr, and decided to give their fans a special performance in vivo.

Justin he sang his track “Believe” which dropped back in 2012. His voice was on point for the impromptu concert as he sang in what was probably only his iPhone or computer microphone from his home in Ontario, Canada. The singer of “Changes” were so moved by the experience, which is trending all over the world and produced more than 400,000 tweets

The singer headed to social media to express his gratitude: “I’m sorry, I’m late to the party. Thank you for the reminder to @AlfredoFlores. You are all amazing. Many thanks”, tweeted Justin, making reference to his best friend and director Alfredo Flores, who took it to the transmission.

“As long as you la la la la love me… Just amazing. Very grateful to you. Thank you very much. I love #mybeliebers,” added Justin, and she also told her fans that “Everything will be fine”. In addition, the canadian also went and liked several tweets from fans about the event online!

The fans were very appreciative to Alfredo, who directed several of the videos of JB, including “Love Me”, and turned to Twitter to express his appreciation. “I couldn’t miss his own program,” responded Alfredo a fan, and added that “this morning was nostalgic”.