Kanye West on Kobe Bryant: “it Was the version basketball player than me”

It’s been almost three months since the legend of the american basketball Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter accident in the area of Calabasas, California, next to one of their young daughters and other seven people that traveled with him. The news shocked the world and still to this day, many of the fans of the Black Mamba continue trying to overcome the tragedy.

And Kanye West is one of them. The multitalented rapper and entrepreneur, known for his eccentric personality as much as for its musical hits and their business, stars in the may issue of the magazine GQ. He talks, among other things, about the family that has formed with Kim Kardashian, his approach to religion in recent years, and their new professional projects. And also about Kobe Bryant, whom the singer calls “one of his best friends”.

And is that the talk that kept West with the environment took place just three days after the sudden death of Bryant. So the rapper was still under the shock of the loss, and the figure of the star of the Lakers planned on a large part of the interview, published just a few hours. “It was the version basketball player than me”reflects in she West, “and I was the version rapper of him, and we are done!”

The husband of Kim Kardashian is also referred to the impression that it causes now drive through your neighborhood, and, especially, for The unsullied virginal Road, the place where the helicopter of Bryant crashed. “There is No way that I am not feeling as determined as Kobe every time I drive by that street,” he acknowledged.

The inspiration of the exbaloncestista is evident in the discourse of the West, that ensures that the death of his friend, has marked a “before and after” in your existence: “There is No movement that we can’t do, or that we are waiting to do. Everyone in my life is now one of the members of the Lakers in one of the competitive teams Kobe. The way in which Kobe would have said that we have to all unite and win the tournament is the way I now look at life. At another level, a level that is infinite.”

The friendship between Bryant and West had already many years back, and both had collaborated on several projects together, such as a handful of commercials for Nike (including the shoes Kobe System launched by the former player), or the remix of West’s song ‘Power’, the 2010. The rapper also encouraged in person to Bryant during his last game with the Lakers at the Staples Center, in 2016. And both he and several members of the family Kardashian is allowed to see in the event tribute it was organised in the same stadium, home of the Lakers, on the 24th of February, a few weeks after his death.

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