Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston presume the same outfit at different events


The duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and actress Jennifer Aniston, it seems that they agreed and wore the same outfit on different occasions, made public in various news portals.

Kate Middleton, the wife of prince William, and Jennifer Aniston are two of the world celebrities that constantly give to talk about and this time is no exception.

As an unexpected coincidence, Kate and Jennifer went to two different events but apparently they were enchanted with the same attire, as it behaved without thinking of that would be in the eyes of the world for it.

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The international press highlights that the model “Falconetti” from the popular home-design-The Vampire”s Wife, was chosen by Kate and Jennifer to look on two different occasions.

According to the web site of the signature, the piece is brilliant and was made of chiffon silk with metallic shimmer; it’s really spectacular, as it has ruffles at the hems, sleeves, transparent, and a cut in the waist that makes it look stylized to whom the porta.

Kate Middleton used it at the beginning of march to attend an important event in his tour of Ireland. She opted for a green shade of emerald.

Jennifer Aniston, for her part, him dressed for 2018, but in black, to attend an interview at the show of Jimmy Kimmel.

The fact that Kate and Jennier have chosen the same model says that both beauties are the last cry of fashion and when it comes to choosing a special model for a special occasion, know what is ideal.