Katy Perry LOSES another great loved one in your life Is wrecked!

Katy Perry LOSES another greatly loved one in your life Is wrecked!

The singer Katy Perry is one of the great singers Americans who have been able to maintain a career quite prolific recently though is happy for her pregnancy, new bad news has come to your life.

Note that with the broken heart, the singer Katy Perry announced the death of a greatly loved one, through his account of Instagram, where he touched all his fans so thrilled that it showed.

What loved one lost Katy Perry?

It turns out that the successful singer, Katy Perry announced via social networks that are devastated and very sad because of the death of a loved one, as with an emotional posting on his account of Instagram, the interpreter of Dark Horse explained that he had passed away his cat who is named Kitty Purry.

It is with sadness that Katy Perry wrote a text in the following way: “I hope you rest in fillets of salmon and tuna tartar in the heaven of the cats,” in addition to Katy accompanied the publication with tender photographs of his youth in which it appears to the side of this cute cat.

Kitty, thanks for the hugs and the company along the way”.

It is noteworthy that the coronavirus led to a couple of celebrities to cancel their plans and re-think everything, despite the strong desire of Perry to marry in Japan and now postponed to another date that has not been determined.

Remember that not long ago Katy Perry also reported the death of his wanted to grandmother, to whom he devoted a long and beautiful message that is shown to be devastated at the loss of his grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson, who passed away last Sunday the 8th of march.

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“She was always authentically herself, funny, and full of all things sweet and cozy that you think of when you think of grandmothers. He gave Me dollar bills crisp in cards distinctive, left us eating their almond biscuits favorite of the 99 cent store while we were asking questions about the different fans that I had on display on its walls.

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