Katy Perry teaches belly with a dress of lilac in your look precuarentena

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The singer Katy Perry is living one of its sweetest moments in spite of the health crisis and the threat of COVID-19. At the beginning of the month of march, the singer premiered the video clip your last job, Never Worn White, and left everyone with the mouth open to show the first images of your gut pregnant. Perry had planned to get married soon with Orlando Bloom but those plans have been postponed waiting to give the welcome which will be the first common child of the couple.

Since then, the singer has not stopped sharing pictures of yours pregnant and has even announced that the baby they expect is a girl uploading a photo of Orlando Bloom with a face full of cream, that did not stop applauding friends as Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Rita Ora.

The singer has shared one of the last looks that he shared before having to be confined. Katy has chosen the lilaone of the colors of the season that there is triumphed in the street stylefor a look composed of a dress cut out with a slit up the side that has combined with a t-shirt upwind of flowers in these shades and some earrings lilac flower.

The singer looks proud of her belly, pregnant posing next to the Opera house Sidneyone of the scenarios that could travel the famous program of musical talent American Idol, of which a jury forms a part Katy Perry. The singer will give birth to her first child this summer and as it comes the long-awaited moment, still with all his professional commitments and sharing on Instagram some of their funniest moments of the quarantine, like the one that went up during the Easter holidays, dressed of bunny and listing to find all the chocolate eggs.

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