Kevin Smith came close to directing the classic ‘The indomitable Will Hunting’


Kevin Smiththe director of Clerksest to be one of the great actors of the present cinematogrfica during the pandemic coronavirus. The filmmaker, who has revealed some of the projects in which it works, and ms data of its expected sequels, and salt to the fame in 1994. Little by little, it was all made a name in Hollywood, and although his fame now est somewhat impaired after the last films that has come brand new, was always well-connected. Now he has to Variety cmo was on the point of direct The indomitable Will Hunting by request of his friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleckalthough he was forced to reject it because it was not considered the height.

A script so good that not want to spoil it

The tape winner of the Oscar and the Golden Globe the best original screenplay, catapult to stardom Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, convirtindolos in two promising stars inside and outside of the screen. The film, which had Robin Williams in one of their papers is most celebrated, is focused on the story of a young, gifted, and expert in mathematics, which lives oblivious of them wasting their talents. While if you decide to broaden their knowledge and enhance their qualities to go to a good university, is to face their fears and insecurities. The indomitable Will Hunting has caught on with a whole generation of viewers, and despite the fact that it was directed by Gus Van Sant, Smith came close to take the chair of management. However, it is neg.

“Neither tena nor do I have the talent to direct a film as”

“To give today, I still believe that there will be no state at the height of running something like The indomitable Will Hunting. Even today, 22 years later. Gus knew what I had to do exactly with this film. When Harvey Weinstein I brought the script to me invit to direct it because conoca very well to both… Fuck, still today I see the film and I keep giving fucking escalofros, the scene when it hits the door it makes me cry. Not taken enough talent to move forward with a film as, in fact, I think that even now it is unable to. That’s why I alegr helping them not hindering”, conclua.

Alberto Gonz