Khloe Kardashian pays for the shopping of the elderly and employees in super California | News of The Savior

The youngest of the Kardashian, who is known for having a bad temper, was surprised with his gesture

There is No doubt that the pandemic of COVID-19 can bring out the best or worst of us. In the midst of fear and despair, the youngest of the Kardashian surprised with a gesture of kindness.

In accordance with the platform to TMZ, Khloe has been shifted by different branches of the supermarket Trader Joe’s and Ralphs in California, the city where she lives, and has paid the bills for several seniors. According to the sources of the web site, the model has come early because he knows that it is in the first hour, which is catered to the elderly so that they can make their purchases quiet.

But in addition to pay for the meal of the lords, Khloe also acquired 200 gift cards to the places and distributed among the employees of the different branches that came to help and reward them by paying attention to the people despite the risk of contagion.

With this, the entrepreneur has shown a facet that does not know him and what he wanted to do without much fuss, unlike her sister Kim, who announced that, in social networks, that I would donate to the cause.

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