Lady Gaga changed the ad of his new album to say something important


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Apparently we’ll have to wait a good while for that Lady Gaga to premiere Chromatica, because despite the fact that the singer already revealed the album cover you are leveraging your time to organize other things, such as the concert global online Global Citizens that took place yesterday, as well as it is making announcements of their new album in California to promote another thing that is not in your disk. Lady Gaga is using to send a message of self-love in the middle of the crisis by coronavirus.

In one of the huge ad it reads in big letters and bold: “You ARE Essential”. The smaller print there is a text that says: “Earlier, we had booked this advertising space to promote the sixth album of Lady Gaga, but the message that you want to share with you is that today and every day, the kindness governs everything. If you’re not a worker essential, stay at home, we will overcome”.

As expected, the spectacular unleashed a wave of positive reactions on social networks and so much Little Monsters as the not-so-fans of the singer, are applauding the way in which Lady Gaga is using, here are some of the comments that are read on Twitter:

“That’s super cute”.

“You deserve everything”.

“This is a real angel, this is very cute”.

“Queen to raise a donation and promotion.”

Though we die for the premiere of his sixth album, we are grateful that Lady Gaga is addressing the most urgent issue that the world must respond: stop the spread of Covid-19. With the recent concert online that was organized by Global Citizens, the singer raised nearly 128 million dollars.