Liga MX: Chivas and Toluca make history with the first goalless draw in the choose MX


Had to spend 3 days within the choose MX, to make him the first match with no goals occurring in the match between the Chivas del Guadalajara and the Devils Toluca that ended with a tie to 0.

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For this match the goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño was tasked with taking the controls for the Flock of the Sacred and by Heck Alan Medina took the reins of the team in the historic match virtual in Mexico.

Chivas came out as the local in this match in the stadium Akron Zapopan, but the Toluca was the one who had the opportunity of danger in the first half. For the second time continued the trend of the game, but Gudiño put on the layer of the hero in the game with good saves to give a point to your team.

A total of 26 matches were played on league virtual, to fall the first tie to 0 goals. With this result, Chivas, add just their second point of the tournament and the Toluca remains unbeaten and adds 5 units. On the day 4 of the choose MX, Chivas will be measured at Atletico San Luis and Toluca will go as favorite in front of the sotanero Blue Cross.