Magneto and Professor X could change the race in the MCU


Now with the X-Men in the power of Disneyfans hope to soon have figures such as Magneto or the Professor X within the MCU. While it sounds like a logical plan, the recent success of the movies of these characters has been pretty poor and, therefore, are resting.

This does not mean that they are not working at these moments in some kind of a plan, on the contrary, there are already reports about what direction you want to follow Marvel Studios from now on with the X-Menthe Professor Charles Xavier and the same Magneto.

According to a leak, Kevin Present want Magneto and the Professor X they are characters that belong to any ethnic minority. This means, that now these characters could be of african descent, asians, latinos, etc

Magneto would change in the MCU

It is worth emphasizing that both are icons of the comics of the MCU and any thing can happen now that the rights are in the hands of Marvel Studiossince there is some kind of concession in which you have to follow the stories from the comics to the letter.

MCU: at the moment, all are rumors

Removing all of the Phase 4 that was already established and has productions running and films delayed by the coronavirus, all of the information that appears around characters such as the New Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool should be catalogued as a simple rumor, especially since the source is in 4chan.

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For now, the only sure thing is that you are going to spend a lot of time for us to see something of Magnetothe Professor X and the rest of the X-Men within the MCUespecially because everything is stopped by the pandemic.

Professor X

Likewise, there are still no concrete plans for the characters and still feel fresh the failures of Fantastic Four and the Dark Phoenix.

What would you like to see the X-Men within the MCU? Are there any comics in particular? Don’t stop sharing your opinion in the comments section. Speaking of the Men X there was a game for the PlayStation that never saw the light, and there was nothing wrong. Here’s what you can see.