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They say that the big stars are always converted into myth because the fans create any kind of stories are not proven around their idols. Without a doubt, Luis Miguel it has already been mythologized; his fame is so great that the press have not ceased to learn more about his life.

Luis Miguel

“The Sun” has always wanted to keep his personal life away from the spotlight, but it was not always possible because several scandals have emerged. Who is the family of Luis Miguel?

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The disappearance of Marcela Basteri, mom Luis Miguel

More than 30 years ago that is not know the whereabouts of Marcela Basteri and ex-wife of Spanish singer Luisito Rey. Mysteriously disappeared in 1986 and to date, neither the interpreter of “The unconditional” or his brother Alejandro Basteri speak on the subject; although in the bioserie of the singer is beginning to give clues about what happened with her and yes, it involves her husband Luis Rey.

Marcela Basteri he traveled from Italy to Madrid and never heard of it; by which several international media began investigations and ensure that the mom of “The Sun” died; others claim that Luis king the himself in a hospital psychiatric and other that was murdered and the body hid the dad Luis Miguel, what is certain is that today we do not know what is the real story.

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The brother known and the unknown Luis Miguel

The singer has two brothers: Alejandro Basteri and Sergio; the first is very well known in the social world and the show business. It is a handsome man, cultured, elegant, which has remained romances with several famous.

Like his brother’s still single and has two children: Isabella and Pierre Alexander, whom she conceived with the entrepreneur Bibiana Domitniece policy Carlos Slimthe richest man in Mexico.

But it also has another brother, Sergio who, it seems, that is not your family because it lives with the singer. Seven years ago, a national magazine of entertainment caught the youngest child of the family Gallego Basteri in Spain and reported that he is a photographer of fashion. After the launch of “Luis Miguel, The Series”, it has been speculated that he is the son of the Black Durazo and that’s why Luis Rey never wanted to close.

Luis Miguel

Their handsome nephews

As mentioned, Alejandro Basteri has two children, Isabella Basteri or Beautiful as it gets on social networks is a woman very beautiful, even the national media have compared with Belinda. In your account of Instagram likes to show her sexiness and show off their big blue eyes.

And her youngest son is Pierre Alexander, whom we met few days ago when his mother Bibi Domit decided to share a picture of the small at the side of his famous uncle Luis Miguel and his dad.

Luis Miguel and nephew

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Their three children

From that Michelle Salas he was born, the actress Stephanie Salas -belonging to the dynasty Pinal – served as father and mother because “The Sun” was not made in charge of it; although with the passage of years, he decided to approach her first and only daughter and although not living together, currently have a good relationship.

Maybe happens the same thing when they grow up, their sons Miguel and Daniel, who was conceived with the protagonist of telenovela Aracely Arámbula. Well, according to the Chule singer does not see her offspring and she is a mother and father at the same time.

For safety, Aracely has decided not to show the faces of their children, although celebrity magazines have already caught on paparazzi.

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