Michelle Salas and the image that celebrates 50 Luis Miguel, his dad


The singer Luis Miguel celebrated this Sunday for his 50 years of life and through Instagram, Michelle Salas, his daughter, placed a picture of her in the poses from the kitchen with a cup in her hands and forgets to congratulate him.

Michelle Salas, the daughter of singers Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas, unleashes controversy on Instagram by not complimenting his famous dad in this Sunday, April 19, the day of his birthday.

Coffee break @aloyoga #aloyoga”, titled Michelle Salas to the image above, and she appears in pajamas. Apparently just getting up.

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Fans of Michelle immediately let you know that today is the day of the birthday of his father, and ask him not to forget to congratulate him.

Congratulations to your dad that has given us 50 years of life and 40 of her beautiful voice,” What the congratulations are in order for dad when”, “I charge You that felicites whom he put his seed golden for which you were born. It’s your blood, the gene that gives light and shines yesterday, today and forever. Your dad is God”.

And for some reason Michelle does not publicly congratulates Luis Miguel, who was away practically their entire childhood and adolescence.

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When they were partner Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula, years ago, he would have come then the reunion between father and daughter, and there is talk that Arámbula had what to see that both are given opportunity to spend time together as a family.

In different media has been talked about from weeks ago that Luis Miguel and Michelle, his daughter, would be distanced again.

Michelle has been addressed by the national and international press on several occasions and the topic has not wanted to talk even a single word.

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