Milan, son of Shakira and Gerard Pique, yet tender with his poem to dad


The Spanish footballer Gerard Pique shared in your feed of Instagram a few words to his eldest son he wrote, “the poem of Milan, so proud of him!”, he expressed the sentimental partner of the Colombian singer Shakira.

The poem, in Milan, he wrote to his father Gerard Piqué says: “I want to my lovely dad. He always makes me happy, is the best friend I ever had, never makes me sad, plays all the sports with me, and loves to go on bike water. We both like to climb trees and to escape from the bees, we invented many things and we played chess as kings”

We like to jump to the arms and then we like to embrace each other, we like bike riding and hiking, love my lovely father that always makes me happy.

Both the followers of the Barcelona player as of the singer Shakira, have been internecine with such beautiful words of Milan. “Go crack”, “adorable”, “that poem”, “beautiful”, “she knows more English than me”, were some of the comments in the post from Gerard Pique.

The footballer, the singer, and her two adorable sons (Milan and Sasha) pass this quarantine by pandemic Coronavirus at his home in Barcelona, Spain. Recently, Gerard Piqué was involved in LaLiga Santander Fest, a macro-concert of solidarity in which he explained how his family lives the confinement in his home in the city of Barcelona:

The parents are like magnets, where we go we follow them.


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