Napoli: Hirving Lozano sees no future in the Series, your ideal destination would be in the Premier League


The season of Hirving Lozano in the Napoli has been disappointing. The ‘Chucky’ has failed to gain a foothold in the Series and his stay has been filled with low of game, limited opportunities in the team owner, and even a few opportunities in the call since the arrival of Gennaro Gattuso to the bench of the team.

It is clear that the world champion does not trust the mexican and the ideal thing is to look for an exit as soon as possible to a league that will benefit and help improve on their conditions and minutes in the field. Because even with the own Ancelotti, his game was not the most dominant, or bright.

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There was a player that was decisive by the goal nor very influential in the football of your team. Perhaps this image was also required on the part of Carletto, who empecinó in place as a second striker instead of giving him continuity as a player-of-band, which is where best has paid for its speed, overflow, easy to win duels and his true romance with the goal when I was in Holland for PSV.

Now, the answer seems clear: The ‘Chucky’ Lozano has to come out of the Series A. first Find a computer that will give you the confidence to play and to feel important, and then compete in a league that suits him or her for their conditions. That is open, direct, provide spaces with a soccer that is of generate advantages with the ability of the individual player.

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The Premier League it seems that meets all these constraints, more if we talk about Ancelotti, his godfather ceremonies in the football elite, I would be considering his signing for his early and green Everton that is in the process of finding an identity. The problem will emerge from the crisis that exists in football. The stop by the Coronavirus will generate a new soccer. Where teams do not disburse large amounts of money for players, especially those who are coming of a bad season like the ‘Chucky’ and the club of origin, do not want to give away their assets, especially when this has been the most expensive in its history. Lozano will not have anything easy.

But it has to come out of the Series A. to Leave behind the adventure, and on the whole failed experiment in Italian football, counter-cultural with his style and will start at a site where it is well received, with a club that I don’t have institutional crisis, with a plan to sport well-defined, and above all has the confidence of his coach to get minutes on the field. The Premier, Everton and Ancelotti, seems to be a formula where we do not find many faults in this logic… at least on paper.