Natalia Lacunza: “I am pleased that my experience will inspire my followers to confess to their parents their sexual status” | Beauty, The last thing


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Natalia Lacunza (Pamplona, 1999) have understood it in record time in the music industry, image matters –how almost?– as much as the voice. Confirmed from that crossed for the first time the catwalk of Operation Triumph 2018, talent show was a finalist, when he called the attention of the public with an attitude that transcended the merely vocal and a mane roll jaw that earned him comparisons with Dua Lipa. Now continues to prove it with a cut hair just as radical as the shift that has given his own life in the last year.

Change the family home of your Pamplona home for the hustle and bustle of a tour, the hysteria devout of followers, and a new routine in Madrid recording her own songs is not recognized, easy to digest. “Now is when I am happy, at the beginning everything was very chaotic. Happened also to my colleagues and it seems that we complain of vice, but it is very difficult to manage”, account after a session that looks at the camera with a determination unusual among those who do not dedicate themselves professionally to the art of posing. “I took classes to be a model when I was 13 or 14 years old, although I didn’t get to do anything important, but I like it.”

The singer wears american Marella and pending Cartier. Photo: fernando gómez

Concentrated on creating a coherent project at all levels, wants to move out of the prototype still prevailing as a woman artist, “with a physique and attitude of certain” fighting against the lack of diversity of identities and styles. Last June he presented his first EP, Other wings, singing along to young musician Guitarricadelafuente its successful Nana sad –more than 11 million views on YouTube– with the nape shaved.

Now he premieres his second work, christened with a simple EP2, sporting a mullet as bold as rare among female singers Spanish. “One day I woke up and I could not more with the melenita or bangs. I didn’t feel identified with my own image, so I made the cut ‘to the boy’ in the time consuming thinking.”

Determination, talent and the new look androgynous have called the attention of brands such as Calvin Klein, who has been chosen as the image of his unisex scent CK Everyone. Although throughout the interview he repeats that focus on being “an artist and songwriter” is his priority, he could not say no. “When I saw the proposal I do not believe it. I am very selective when doing this type of collaborations, but the project fits very well with me because of his message of freedom and rejection of the labels”.

Natalia has been reconciled to your image thanks to a hair-cut ‘to the boy’. Photo: fernando gómez

Since Lacunza spoke publicly about her bisexuality during her participation in the talent of The 1 TVE, has not tired of repeating that to put labels “you are lazy”. “I am glad that my experience will help to standardize it, or inspire my fans to confess to their parents their sexual status, but nor do I consider myself to be a relation or trying to be. I don’t like to be the standard-bearer of anything. The true achievement will come when I stop being a topic of conversation and give completely equal”defends.

Although inspired by stars such as Miley Cyrus (“I love it because it is superandrógina and may be the most sexy or be brutal with a t-shirt male”) and Kendall Jenner (“it is the most beautiful on the planet”), the pamplonica ensures that it does not want to look like anyone. “I am still very young and I’m descubriéndome myself, both on an aesthetic level as in music.”

In relation to the first preferred to maintain an image, minimalist supporting national brands such as Paloma Wool. “I don’t put on a dress pompous. I like most things neutral, but depends on the day because sometimes I like carrying a vestidazo and others I feel just as beautiful with suit guy”.

Natalia Lacunza luce t-shirt MM6, pant Essentiel, pending Tous, bracelet Seventies of Dinh Van and bracelet Liens Evidence of Chaumet. Photo: fernando gómez

In the musical, will begin in the near future his first solo tour, which has been delayed by the health crisis of the coronavirus. Same reason that has caused the cancellation of the latest edition of Operation Triumph. “I want to turn of events attracting large crowds. Not understand fill a WiZink Center because I have not gone through the small rooms”. The artist will be accompanied by a band of four girls, with the objective of “making visible the women who play instruments, sing, have talent.” Their priority is to differentiate between listening to Spotify’s direct: “I’ve been to see artists that I admire and have left me cold because it was like listening to the album. I want people to feel that it was worth paying”.

What is left of the Natalia entered the academy? “I’ve changed for the better”, he is quick to answer. “I left the program with more insecurities that I had, but I have learned to take better of myself, be more calm and not be so dramatic”. He has also learned, or is learning, to deal with such a popularity, that sometimes has gone over: “sometimes people don’t have empathy, but the moment of insanity has passed. Now I love that stop me and I don’t have problem in make me a picture even if it is in the super. Yes, I prefer it to be a selfie, so I control what I get”.

In the photos, she shows the versatility of the mullet of the singer. Photo: fernando gómez

Realization: Paula Delgado. Makeup and hair: David López (Esther Almansa Management) for Marc Jacobs Beauty and Maria Nila Stockholm. Manicure: Nubia Janeth Soacha F. Assistant photographer: Mauro Testa. Assistant styling: Lucia Artal.