Of Meghan Markle Margot Robbie: we locate the favorite perfumes of the ‘celebrity world’ | News


You already know the products keep your skin without imperfections and the ideas of street clothes so comfortable and enticing that you want to return to daily strip off the pajamas. What you are missing is perfumarte. Yes, something as simple as choosing your favorite fragrance and vaporizarte with it on a daily basis is a gesture that has the superpower to make you feel good in a few seconds. If you still have not found that special creation with the to experience it for yourself, Margot Robbie, Victoria Beckham or Meghan Markle can help you. Discover the essences you managed to fall in love with these 9 celebrities and, perhaps, some of its notes inspire you to give this ritual hedonistic every morning. Peony, geranium, orchid, tangerine, sea salt, amber, black musk… what is the odor with which you most identify?