Oops! China Suarez feels very distressed these past few days and it is… just on the verge of tears!


Maria Eugenia Suarez he began his career at 11 years of age, in the television project titled “Corner of light” and from that time to the present, added to its history of artistic countless hits.

In recent years his private life has been highly controversial, and it is the start of your relationship with Benjamín Vicuña, put argentina in the eye of the storm hard a long time.

The quarantine without a doubt affects us all in different ways, and it seems that the actress suffer from the field sentimental.

In his own account of Instagram, the famous a few days ago he shared a video in which he commented as the next coping with the isolation.

“It is normal to feel depressed, distressed, suffocated, with uncertainty. Personally my level of requirement for me and others is very high, and I realize that at this point in my life there is no other to stop to push myself,” he said.

In addition, the former of Nicolás Cabré revealed that she feels a bit of guilt for not being as skillful to the hour of making crafts with her daughters. However, what left even more concerned that his followers were his last statements.

“Look, I do strength not to cry”, attached China Suarez a video on your twitter profile, which showed a man rescuing a dog that was dehydrated by exposure to the sun. Very noble!