Open calls for scholarships and awards of the AHS 2020


Open calls for scholarships and awards of the AHS 2020

2020-04-20 07:20:34 / [email protected]

Open calls for scholarships and awards of the AHS 2020

For those interested in recording an album with Bis Music, Hummingbird or EGREM, publish a book, stage a play, receive budget for audio-visual projects, the scheduling of an exhibition, etc, that is, to test your talent, then the system of Scholarship and prize of the Hermanos Saiz Association may be a good option. To participate you must send your works to e-mail [email protected]; and one of the benefits of this edition is that you can take in almost all of digital. Take advantage of these days of isolation at home to create, conscious that art also saves. The fruit of partnerships with different institutions and centers of Culture, these scholarships and awards can help you grow within the creative scene of the country.

Staying creative is the most important thing, says dancer of camagüey

Between steps of the beautiful art of dance on tiptoes, but now from home, it takes the days of the first dancer of the Ballet of Camagüey, Yanni Garcia. “Although we are obliged to stay in our homes does not mean that we stay creative, and much less of exercise daily -he said-, because we can always keep active and exercise the body and the mind.” In the same way the view the first dancer from the prestigious company, Rosa Maria Armengol, who besides uploading to social networks choreography danzadas from home, it’s also been done with short videos aimed at students of the third year. Regina Balaguer, director general of the BC, said that the members of the collective from their homes continue exercising, as well as develops the necessary discipline to practice with skill and quality that art.

This week we will celebrate Day of the Spanish Language

On the 23rd of April is celebrated the Day of the Spanish Language in the United Nations and in Spain, the Day of the Book and of the Spanish Language, marked by the Cervantes Institute. A date in honor of the writer Miguel De Cervantes, who, although he died 22 of April of the year 1616, by the custom of the time was recorded as his death the day after. It is a remembrance to stimulate and educate the world about the history and use of the Spanish language and to contribute to the dissemination of hispanic cultures. For the occasion, the Cervantes Institute organized, as usual, continued readings of Don Quixote Of La Mancha, which this year will be in line, and will be attended by representatives of public and private institutions, embassies and consulates, european organizations and students.

Cuban musician Oderquis Revé celebrates half a century of artistic life

The musician from guantanamo, Oderquis Revé, who holds the Distinction for the national culture, among other awards, is celebrating its half-century of artistic Life. The musician, a member of one of the families essential cuban music, has participated in the production of 12 compact discs. In addition, he has recorded albums with Pablo Milanés, Sussana Baca, among others. Among its festivals and international tours include the Festival of Wodmad, throughout the United Kingdom, by conquering the most dissimilar scenarios. He worked in the National-level Set of Performances along the renowned director Alberto Alonso for 2 years. His orchestra “Oderquis Revé and Changüí” is a multi-purpose project that plays music to suit different tastes, such as Latin Jazz, Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha. Its greatest strength are the concerts of percussion Yoruba or santeria afro-cuban, which are fused with the most well known pieces of music international.

Acosta Dance confirms that art can unite in many ways

In the first days of may, Acosta Dance, the company that runs the first dancer Carlos Acosta, I was going to present a season in the Gran Teatro de La Havana, Alicia Alonso. But the health emergency the frustrated. In these circumstances, Carlos Acosta recommended to your cast that is not stopped; and so it was that the routines of daily exercises and to the individual classes added another initiative: a dance video to share on social networks. It is not a simple choreography; it is also a kind of declaration of principles: for now we can’t dance together physically, but art can unite in many ways. The dance video was recently premiered on the social networks of Acosta Dance, and in just a few hours, accumulating thousands of views on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Carlos Acosta conceived as a gift to the audience that follows the company, within and outside of Cuba.

Artists from all over the world give hope with your participation in the great event

Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, and others, interpreted classic filled with messages of hope and change during a television special directed to the fight against the novel coronavirus, while Beyoncé and Alicia Keys spoke strongly about how the covid-19 has affected disproportionately to americans of black race. Gaga, who organized together with the WHO the event is studded with stars, inaugurated by urging those who are battling the pandemic, to get the way to smile despite the pain, performing a version of the song of Nat King Cole, “Smile”. Stevie Wonder performed with a piano, “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers, who died on the 30th of march. John Legend and Sam Smith, each from his house, did a duet of “Stand by Me”; Lizzo sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” with passion; and Shawn Mendes and Camila Hair, sitting very near, “What a Wonderful World”. Paul Mccartney sang “Lady Madonna”, and the Rolling Stones —from four different places— have joined forces to play “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Taylor Swift sang “Soon You’ll Get Better” while playing the piano. The former first ladies of u.s. and recognized presenters in the nation, offered words of encouragement while photos of health care workers and ordinary people they saw on the screen.

The saints that hang from my neck, creative project development

The saints that hang from my neckthe title of the work of Adrián Gómez Sancho award at the most recent Salon Roberto Diago, distinguish in addition to the creative project in which he is currently working in this city the young of the artistic avant-garde matancera. Gómez explained to Sancho that the future shows exhibition will feature twenty representative works of the creation of characters themselves intertwined by the human figure and animal, are connected by the symbolism, the identity and the visual, primary concept in their work during the past few years. The bull as the central figure, joined by new characters, and the currency as a decorative element in dialogue, are among the symbols of the iconography in the development project. Recently Gómez Sancho also took on the design of the Magazine of The Watchtower, an important publication that is representative of Ediciones Vigía.

Die Gene Deitch, cartoonist of Tom and Jerry and Popeye

Gene Deitch, a prominent director, animator and Oscar winner has died at the age of 95. The also a filmmaker and illustrator is well-known for having worked on series such as “Tom and Jerry” and “Popeye”. For the moment, there is no known cause of death. To develop his career as an illustrator, Deitch moved to California when he was barely 20 years old. During his early days, he was recruited by aviation in the united states; however, a health problem you relieved of your duties as a airplane pilot. Back to California, he continued his work as a draftsman until he signed a contract with Terrytoons, a company in which he worked as creative director. At the end of the years 50, Deitch received several Oscar nominations for his work in short films. But it was not made with the statuette until 1960, when it won with “Munro” the Best short film. During these 10 years, the artist collaborated with iconic cartoon like “Popeye” and “Tom and Jerry”, where he was co-creator of several short films.

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