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Michelle Salas
Michelle Salas on the cover of Who in December of 2005.
(A Journal Published By Who)

His other loves deeper

One of the great unique in the history of Who is the interview with Michelle Salas and his much-remembered “I am the daughter of Luis Miguel. Not traumen”.

The contact and we went to eat with her to the restaurant Salute, to the south of the City of Mexico, to talk and convince her to give us an interview. That day we discovered a little girl, very sweet and cheerful, but at the same time with a huge desire to see her father again. He told us that small saw; however, one day, when I was six years old, disappeared, and since then all she dreamed of was becoming to find with him.

“I stopped to see him (Luis Miguel) as six years. Obviously I have pride. I don’t give gifts, all you’ve ever wanted material I had on hand of my grandmother, my great grandmother, my aunt and my mom.”

The eldest daughter of the King made him to know his father, through Whom to, what I felt and what I thought of him in 2005, before Luis Miguel accepted his paternity.
The eldest daughter of the King made him to know his father, through Whom to, what I felt and what I thought of him in 2005, before Luis Miguel accepted his paternity.
(Atonatiuh S. Bracho)

The decision to accept our proposal, we left happy as a journalist but on a personal level, we discover and we admire that determination to be heard. 16-year-old Michelle gave us a lesson of how a woman should be empowered to make themselves heard, whatever the cost, to claim what is yours and find a place that had already won as a daughter.

Since then, we’re not going to deny it, we make public our admiration for her, Michelle is one of the favorite characters and the more we want in Who.

Michelle Salas
Michelle Chambers, in another cover of Who
(A Journal Published By Who )

“I’m not going to pay even a peso to see him in concert. If he invites me or sends me tickets, I don’t lose anything by going, but I’m not going to spend three thousand pesos to see Luis Miguel in the first row”, so I stopped to see your pride a Michelle teen.

For the majority of mortals, Micky is the great Latin singer unrepeatable, but it has only been your dad, one that has had a stormy relationship. No money, no fame, the only thing that she has always loved him is a father figure.

Michelle Salas
Luis Miguel and Michelle Chambers, in one of his most beautiful photos that we have been able to see them.

Today father and daughter are estranged, he was allegedly Luis Miguel, the series whoever detonated this fracture between them. The way in which you handled the courtship of the singer with her mom, Stephanie Salas, said that did not sit nothing well Michelle.

And hopefully soon dad and daughter return to be united because there is a lot of love for the medium.

Where is Sergio Basteri?

Another great exclusive for our magazine that revealed an up to then unknown clan Gallego-Basteri was the discovery of Sergio, the younger brother of the singer.

The cover of Sergio Gallego Basteri in Who.
Sergio Gallego did not live with the same amenities that their brothers and sisters.
File (Who ®)

His simple life in Guadalajara, away from luxuries and fame is dazzling his brother, surprised everyone. He was a normal young that did not have any relationship with Luis Miguel, who wore trabsporte public and not dressed in brand name clothing. We interview the last bride of Luisito Rey, Yolanda Mingo, who confessed to Who that “the character of Sergio was very strong, with a lot of personality. He was the replica of Louis King”, on the other hand he admitted that “Luis Miguel was like their god. No one spoke ill of her brother because he killed… Sergio, sang, and mimicked the brother, and not I did nothing wrong”.

Sergio GAllego
Sergio Gallego in a unique image in Who.
(Jessica Saenz)

Our reporter Jessica Saenz and a paparazzi followed him for several days until they were able to speak with him . “All I ask of you is make my life normal,” said Sergio Who.