Ovy On The Drums, a producer of Tusa, reveals exclusively how they recovered from coronavirus | Music


In addition, the colombian artist, tells us in an exclusive of his new single ‘no longer call me’ next to Tini and the success of Tusa

After giving positive to the test of


at the end of march, Ovy On The Drums is ready to continue working. In an exclusive interview with

The Stars,

the producer, composer and colombian artist is not aware of how it was spread and how it was recovered weeks later.

“Before I start my quarantine, I went to the supermarket to buy everything for the house and as to the three or four days I have started my quarantine I started to feel like a headache, chills, body aches, I lost smell and taste for food, and that I lasted seven days, ( … ), I went to do the test, gave me a positive


I was caring, reflecting, working, and longer (days) then I went back to do the test and I tested negative. As we walk here, even I’m a little weak, but since each time we feel better and out of this,” he revealed.

According to the artist, these days of confinement in Miami, a place where lies, not only helped him to improve his health, but also to reflect and continue working on his next project, activities that, in parallel, accelerated their recovery.

“Yes we are all locked in, but I try not to feel this way. Here at home I try to take advantage of the quiet to make some music. I have been all this time reflecting, working on projects and working on what comes next, what has also helped me to be better” he said.

Also, confessed to us that as soon as the health emergency because of the coronavirus, hopes to be reunited with his family, which lives in his native Colombia. “The first thing I will do is go hug my family, share with them a time because as I live alone here, I can’t wait to get home to hug my whole family.”

And although Ovy On The Drums still continues in confinement, this has not been any impediment to promote their most recent work together to Tini, ’You do not call me’, a theme that, since its launch, has been placed in the popularity lists, by getting more of three million plays on Spotify and

18 million views on YouTube.

“The truth is that the whole world has received a very nice song and having worked with Tini was very cool because from the day one showed me his power. Since I showed her the song, she loved it (…), loved the project from the beginning (…), always treated as if it were a single of it and that is something I appreciate a lot,” he shared.

In addition ‘You do not call me’, the career of Daniel Oviedo, real name of the interpreter, the add hits like ‘I keep looking’next to Mau and Ricky, and of course, ‘Tusa’with Karol G and Nicki Minaj, who at five months of its release still continues in the taste of people.

“The truth is that I never got to imagine that ‘Tusa’ would have that impact. I tell my family that every day one wakes up and creates, hoping that what one does on a day to give back to the world. And with Tusa when we create it, I already knew that we had a very good song, but never dimensioné nor I knew what he had in his hands when we made ‘Cob’ (…) This has been the nicest thing that has happened to me at the producer level, is the song bigger than I’ve done in my career and I’m very grateful with all, with God, and the life”.

Parallel to the promotion of his new single alongside Tini, Ovy On The Drums work continues on the new album Anuel AA, as well as the creation of new songs for other artists.

“Right now what’s that I have in mind is all part of artist and producer also, because I’m working on the two at the same time without neglecting any. We come up with projects to keep singing with new people and as a producer I come to work some song for Karol, continue with the album Anuel AA (…) and singles for new artists (…) Now what we are doing is to look at how to reinvent ourselves a lot (…) has Always been a dream work with Kanye West or Eminem, I hope to do that,” he said.

At present, Ovy On The Drums it is one of the producers latinos are more popular in the music industry, because not only has he worked with Anuel AA and Karol G, also he has done so with Floor 21. In addition, he has collaborated with famous as Steve Aoki, Paul London, Micro TDH, Becky G, Bryant Myers, Maluma, Nacho, Yandel, Mike Bay and many more. While as an artist he has released hits such as ‘Unforgettable’, with Beéle; ‘I’m looking for’ with Mau and Ricky; and her latest single

‘You do not call me’ with Tini.