Prizes Our Earth: Jessi Uribe, one of the artists most nominated


Tow hile the national situation prevents you from carrying out ceremonies and meetings at the national level, this has not been a disadvantage for the awards Our Earth that will take place next may 16 , at 7:00 p. m., by means of streaming and national stations.

Jessi Uribe announced with happiness and gratitude the seven nominations received in the Awards Our Earth in 2020, which pay a homenjae to the best of the music made in Colombia.

The artist bumangués is found in the following categories: people’s Artist, an Artist favourite of the public, Song of the year with ‘Someone like me’ with Andy and Jhonny Rivera popular Song with ‘As if nothing’ next to Paola Jara and again with ‘Someone I like’. He has also been nominated for favorite Song of the audience with her big hit ‘Sweet sin’ and ‘Someone I like’.

The great year that Jessi Uribe had in 2019, today positions it as one of the most nominees in the 25 categories that will be awarded.

In the list that got to know the organizers, it also highlights Karol G as the oldest woman nominated and one of the two artists who have 7 nominations.

Sebastian Yatra, Greeicy and Juanes loaded with 5 nominations each, while Morat got 4 opportunities.

Of the international artists who were nominated thanks to their collaboration with performers colombians are the trinitense Nicki Minaj, the venezuelan Nacho and the canadian Alessia Face.

Here are some of the categories:

Song of the year:

Tusa (Karol G), Tutu (Camilo), Adventurer (Yeison Jiménez), Someone I like (Andy Rivera, Jessi Uribe, Jhonny Rivera) and See (Fonseca).

Artist of the year: Karol G, J Balvin, Maluma, Camilo and Sebastian Yatra.

Artist revelation: Lalo Ebratt, Alejandro Santamaria, Beéle, Camilo and Ana del Castillo.

Best producer: Sky Breaking, Mauricio Rengifo and Andres Torres, Julio Reyes Copello, Ovy On The Drums, Raw Means Raw.

Best album of the year: 11:11 (Maluma), Visceral (Paula Arenas), Fantasy (Sebastian Yatra), More future than past (Juanes), and Augustine (Fonseca).

Best tour live concert: Rainbow Tour (J Balvin), Lovers Tour (Greeicy and Mike Bay), Simple Hearts Tour (Fonseca), 11:11 World Tour (Maluma) and Stray Bullets Tour (Morat).

Best video: White (J Balvin – Colin Tilley), silver (Juanes and Lalo Ebratt – Juan Pablo Valencia. 36 degrees), Tusa (Karol G and Nicki Minaj – Mike Ho), Destination (Greeicy and Nacho – Fury Records) YHP (Maluma – Nuno Gomes).

Favourite artist of the public: J Balvin, Karol G, Maluma, Paola Jara, Jessi Uribe, Silvestre, Dangond, Greeicy, Sebastian Yatra, Yeison Jiménez, Carlos Vives.

Favorite song of the public:

Someone I like (Andy Rivera, Jessi Uribe, Jhonny Rivera), Adventurer (Yeison Jiménez), Tusa (Karol G), Tutu (Camilo), Rate (J Balvin, the Black Eyed Peas), Destination (Greeicy with Nacho, Mocca (Lalo Ebratt, Trapical Minds), I saw You (21st Floor), Sweet Sin (Jessi Uribe) and 11 PM (Maluma).

The transmission will remain in the channels of YouTube, IG Live, Facebook Live, and radio stations belonging to the group of the RCN. The public can vote from now for your favorites in