Robert Pattinson STOLE the role of Edward Cullen Henry Cavill He was the favorite!


Robert Pattinson he rose to fame thanks to Edward Cullen of the Twilight Sagabut the british actor was never the first choice as the favorite was Henry Cavill.

Robert Pattinson STOLE the role of Edward Cullen Henry Cavill He was the favorite!

Robert Pattinson takes the lead, starring Henry Cavill in “Twilight”

A renewed 2007 interview with the author of “Twilight”, Stephenie Meyer revealed that Henry Cavill it was his first choice to play Edward Cullenbut when he began production work in the actor no longer had the age for the role.

  • “What’s most disappointing for me is to lose my Edward perfect. Henry Cavill has now twenty-four years. We have a moment of silence to mourn for that.”

The not being able to choose Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen, the author of “Twilight,” suggested the actor, also british, of life to the patriarch of a clan of vampires, Carlisle Cullen, but that option was also not possible.

Robert Pattinson takes the role to Henry Cavill

When Stephenie Meyer wrote “Twilight” had in mind, Henry Cavill – who debuted in the cinema in 2001 – as Edward Cullen, but it was not possible for his age, so that Robert Pattinson was chosen.

  • “It is always a challenge to find an actor suited to a part that has lived so vividly in the imagination of the readers, but we take the responsibility seriously and are confident, with Rob Pattinson, that we have found the Edward perfect for our Bella in Twilight.”

Because Edward Cullen is a vampire who is 17 years old forever, Stephenie Meyer decided not to take into account for any actor of more than 21 years, that left out Henry Cavill since July 2007.

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Finally, in December of the same year, Robert Pattinson, 21 years old at that time, he was chosen as Edward Cullen for “Twilight” after Stephenie Meyer saw his performance in “Harry Potter: The Chalice of Fire.”