Salma Hayek, a director asked her to “sound more silly and speak faster”


The Mexican agreed that she had few opportunities to display their talents in acting by their sensual image

Salma Hayek has always had an image of Latin sensual and that helped him to become one of the most influential women in the world of the show, but not everything is good in that circumstance.

The Mexican confessed in a recent interview for the magazine Total Film that some directors asked him to “sounded silly” and “talk faster”.

The actress nominated for an Oscar for “Frida” she recalled that she had great masters of theatre and performance that taught her to be passionate about each role, but she regretted not having had many opportunities to demonstrate all their talents.

Salma Hayek. (Getty Images)

Born in Veracruz, Salma recalled to teachers demanding that we were taught that the actor must deliver regardless of the circumstances.

Salma has acknowledged that many times it was posted in papers sensual than the limited.

Want to save a duck

From that complies with the quarantine by the COVID-19, Salma Hayek she has given you by sharing all the time with their puppies; however, in the last few days it has been noticed that your patio arrive a couple of guests to very unique and today, in addition to making her customary visit, left him a special gift.

The actress shared in her account of Instagram a couple of photographs in which you see two ducks, a male, and a female, perched on one of its walls, and suddenly you notice that there is also an egg of great size and was so impressed with this that she wanted to consult with her followers what should be done about it.

“I need a council. There are a couple of ducks walking around my garden. Today the female one left an egg, and then the two of them were, how can I save the future breeding if it can be? Do I take the egg to the inside of my house and I keep it hot, or I wait until their parents come home? Carry away half an hour.” wrote to Salma.

Most of her fans advised him to leave to the future breeding where she was, and wait for parents to return to the place, others told him to watch that other animal would not want to steal the egg and others suggested to put blankets or something comfortable for you that will simulate a nest, and the mom empollara better.