Salma Hayek remembers the song “La Bamba” during quarantine


The mexican actress Salma Hayek shared in your account in Instagram the popular song “La Bamba” that is traditional of the state of Veracruz.

The video has a duration of almost four minutes, and its main intention is to share this version to encourage the day to their followers.

“Music unites the world. I am very proud of that La Bamba is a song that comes from my state of Veracruz. And which for many generations made to dance and sing to people all over the world,” he wrote.

Some of his followers commented: “That beautiful Salma that you don’t forget your roots, that is what gives the real taste to the triumph, and you are a living proof of this, hugs and kisses with the heart,” “The skin of chicken, Salma!” “Excellent, very well-a true gem and a pride for Mexico”.

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