Simu Liu shared how it’ll look in your superhero outfit, what of DC?


The next protagonist of the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU) revealed very humorous, the way he looks in his superhero outfit, though it is not that the fans expected.

Simu Liu, the protagonist of the next film, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’revealed the way in which would stand out as a hero of DC Comics.

The actor chinocanadiense was confirmed at the San Diego Comic-con 2019 as the manager of interpreting Shang Chi, thus becoming the first character asian who stars in a film from Marvel Studios.

The actor first shared a picture of himself saying he would show by the end of his superhero outfit, in its place can be seen to Simu Liu in a suit of Green Latern.

It is a photo edited apparently in the that looks like one of the guardians of emerald DC Comics, with everything and ring characteristic.

The moment you have been waiting for. Literally I have chills you guys. The revelation of the Outfit” said Liu in the publication.

Liu later would be a tweet up saying, “UPDATE: I Think I went to the costume types wrong“.

A good joke was this of Simu Liu in a suit of Green Latern, because the fans have been waiting with anticipation for a first look at the costume that Liu will be in Shang-Chi, but the majority of the film details have been kept secret.

It is known that Shang-Chi will present to the villain Mandarin, played by Tony Leung and the actor Awkwafina will make an appearance. Several rumors about Shang-Chi have also been published in the past few months, including that the film can enter one of the X-Men.

Shang-Chi was just one of the many productions that Marvel Studios delayed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Currently it is not known when it will resume production.

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Appearing for the first time in the ‘All-American Comics #16’, 1940, Green Lantern is one of the most popular heroes of DC Comics. Different versions of the character have appeared in a wide series of comics, television shows, cartoons and even a movie live-action 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds, which all prefer to forget.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ is starring Simu Liu, Tony Leung and Awkwafina. The film opens may 7, 2021.